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A unique wall decoration of your own pet!

A unique wall decoration of your own pet!

A unique piece of art of your own pet. Your dog, cat, horse or maybe your guinea pig...

A beautiful wooden wall decoration of black MDF.

The wall decoration is available in three different sizes:

S - height and width maximum 30 cm.
M - height and width maximum 40 cm.
L - height and width maximum 50 cm
XL - height and width maximum 60 cm

The exact dimensions depend on the final design, sometimes the height will be less or the width less.

  • Do you want to consult first or do you have any questions? Use the chat at the bottom right. But of course you can also just call or email!

How does ordering work?

Upload a good photo (the wall decoration is only made of the head, so make sure it is well in the picture).

Choose the dimensions and complete the order.

We will then make a design based on your photo. Within a few days you will receive an image of the design for approval, you can then pass on any changes.

After this we put our lasers to work. We lubricate the wall decoration with linseed oil. That makes it a nice dark black. We send the wall decoration firmly packaged.

Because the wall decorations are custom made, returns are unfortunately not possible.

If the wall decoration is damaged during shipping, take a photo of the packaging and the wall decoration immediately after receipt, and we will send a replacement.


The wall decoration is made of sturdy black MDF (3mm thick for the smallest size, 6mm for the larger sizes).

After cutting, we treat the wood with linseed oil, which makes it even more beautiful.

Due to the laser cutting process, some soot may form on the edges. Because the wall decoration is black, this is not visible, but it could give off something if you rub the edge against something.

Hanging the wall decoration

The wall decoration is easy to hang with one or two small nails. Or use double-sided tape to fix the wooden wall decoration to the wall. Make sure that the tape does not come off!

You can upload a photo below. Make sure you have a good sharp photo, where the contours of the head are clear. So rather no dark shadow spots.

You can also provide a comment, for example "without the collar in the photo"

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  • Because this product is custom made, returns are unfortunately not possible.
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