Kaboom laser puzzles for retail

Kaboomlaser puzzles will also be available for resale from mid-February 2023 .

A selection of our puzzles is available in retail packaging especially for retail.

Sample puzzles (where the pieces have not been cut out) are also available, which can be used as a display in the shop.

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    The Kaboomlaser puzzles are special: made of sturdy, sustainable birch wood. Because they have no print, they have a very natural, calm look. We design and produce our traditional puzzles in the Netherlands with great passion. We believe in sustainability and prefer quality over quantity. Our goal is to bring joy and fun to people through our unique puzzles.


    The puzzles are packed in a Kraft cardboard box, 14x14x14 cm. The front of the box is made of wood and shows the silhouette of the puzzle and a number of pieces in full size.
    On the side is a full-color photo of the relevant puzzle with the specifications.


    The Entropy puzzles are generally easier to make; you can often make these puzzles in an evening. count on 1 hour for the simplest to 4 hours for the largest variant.

    These puzzles are competitively priced and also very suitable to give as a gift.


    The Chaos puzzles are a real challenge for advanced puzzlers or people looking for a challenge. Count on several days or even weeks of work! A chaos puzzle of 300 pieces is comparable in difficulty to a regular jigsaw puzzle of about 2000 pieces.

    These puzzles are more complex to produce and priced a bit higher.

Onderstaande puzzels zijn verkrijgbaar in retail verpakking.

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